'Occupy' Protesters Shut Down Busy California Port

'Occupy Oakland' protesters shut down the city's busy shipping port as shops and banks are vandalized.


OAKLAND, Calif. – Occupy Oakland protesters shut down the city's busy shipping port Wednesday, after a Whole Foods store was vandalized and windows were shattered at three major banks, as thousands took part in a general strike and day of protests.

Police estimated that a crowd of about 3,000 had gathered at the Port of Oakland by about 5 p.m. PDT. Some had marched from the city's downtown, while others had been bused to the port.

Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read said maritime operations had effectively been shut down, and interim Oakland police chief Howard Jordan warned that protesters who went inside the port's gates would be committing a federal offense.

These moron protesters don't even have a clue as to what they are supposedly protesting. What they are really doing is providing a way for Obama to declare civil unrest and to enact martial law. Which may be all part of the plan.

I personally would like to see riot police come in and beat the crap out of every last one of these idiots. And for them to be sent to prison for a minimum of 5 years. What these dumb asses need to be doing is go to work, stop complaining that they aren't rich. And if they think they don't make enough money, get an education. Stop expecting someone else to give you hand-outs!

The fact that it's in Oakland makes things much worse. Mostly unruly blacks there, many who already hold felony convictions.

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