Rand Paul's Message To Evangelicals: "There is a war on Christianity"

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I would consider supporting Rand Paul for president if he decides to run for president. At this point He looks great! And he obviously understands and acknowledges that the liberals are attacking Christian values. That's an important trait in a president. One we desperately need right now. With wicked groups like The ACLU inflicting attacks on anything Christian and liberal judges and lawmakers destroying biblical principles left and right we need a Godly leader more than ever. If you want to take action and get America back on track there are some things you can do.

1. On election day, take as many people as you can and vote for the GOP candidate.

2. Donate as much money as you can afford to sites like Huckpac.com and LC.org

3. Help expose the evil the liberals are inflicting on America by telling people about our web site.

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