Miley Cyrus following the wrong trend

I'm sure many of you have already seen Miley's new video Titled (We can't stop). It really is sad that a once innocent sweet little girl is now on a dark path. Seduced by money and fame, to take part in sexually oriented material. Not sure who is producing these videos but they seem to have a demonic under-tone in the way they are being presented. I wouldn't think her father would be pleased.

Then after you watch the video and see what a turn for the worse she's taken, you read comments like "Well, she's gotta grow up sometime" etc. Are you kidding me? Dressing and acting like a slut and talking dirty does not constitute "growing up". There are many good examples of women who are grown up and keep their morals in check. (Celine Dion), (Amy Grant) just to name a couple.

We hope Miley will see the error in her ways, and go back to being a good role model for young kids who look up to her. May Jesus guide her back to the right path.

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