Mainstream media has been sucked into the evolution lie

This news article claims that a 500 million year old new fossilized, cigar-shaped creature has been discovered. While we don't doubt that a new creature was discovered we find it laughable that they are claiming this creature is 500 million years old. The universe and earth are only 6,000 to 10,000 years old. Laughable but still sad at the same time that so many people and organizations have been duped into believing the evolution lie. I don't care what kind of flawed dating methods secularists want to use, the bottom line is they weren't around 500 million years ago, and anything they find does not have a label on it telling how old it is. So everything related to evolution or millions of years is all imagined. And lies. It actually insults people's intelligence when they are asked to believe such non sense.

You can read more on how God created in six days, and how evolution is a big lie at This web site: WWW.ANSWERSINGENESIS.ORG

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