Obama caught being a hypocrite again!!

Apparently Obama meant only if the whistle blower wasn't informing about fraud that he was directly involved in. The GOP needs to retain the house in the next elections as well as gain the senate and white house. Only then will they be able to reverse the evil law Obama has been putting out there. Please do your part to put America back on track. Donate to sites like Liberty Counsel www.LC.org And Huck-Pac www.huckpac.com

Make sure when you goto the polls on the next major election day, that you bring as many people with you as you can to vote for the GOP candidates. There will be fraud on the liberal democrats part, we already know this. But hopefully we can get so many votes for the GOP that it doesn't matter. This guy who so called leaked info is a hero! He risked his very freedom to inform us of the evil the current federal government is taking part in. We here at TWAU salute this man. I hope others with information we also step up and do the same.

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