Michelle Obama caught being unprofessional


Apparently a protester caught MRS. Usurper's attention and she decided to confront the protester with unprofessionalism. She threatened to leave a fund-raiser she was attending. I wish it were that easy to get her and her hubby to leave the White-house. The liberal history books may not reflect it, but the Obama's will go down in true history as the worst president and wife in American history.

Obama and his cronies are currently surrounded by scandals. It's very clear that him and his administration are corrupt and deal in fraud. If America is to get back on track, The GOP needs to regain the senate and the white house, as well as retain the house. Only then can they repeal Obamacare, Pass a federal amendment on abortions and DOMA. It's time for Americans of all parties to pull their heads from their arses and vote GOP. If they really care for our nation, they will do so.

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