Video of 6-Year-Old telling it like it is

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It is election season, after all, so sharing one's political views -- however outlandish they may be -- is to be expected. But how about from a 6-year-old? Isaac Anthony counts down the 10 reasons why he thinks you should not vote for Barack Obama in a YouTube video posted by the conservative website Patriot Update. His list of reasons includes the fact that, in his opinion, Obama is "taking money from people who work hard" and "keeping people on welfare and food stamps." After Anthony delivers reason No. 4, "He wants to take guns away from good guys," he shoots his mock pistol at the camera.

Since Sunday more than 160,000 people have viewed the video, and as you might expect, it's been met with more than a little controversy. Some commenters on YouTube are calling the clip "sad" and "ignorant." Over on Twitter, most people are blaming the boy's parents, saying that it's an example of indoctrination. On the other side of the fence, viewers are commending Anthony, with one YouTube commenter writing, "He's smarter than half of Americans."

Smart kid! No other way to put it.

Lou Buren: This is awesome, the kid is right on with all his comments. For all you Obama supporters, don't trip! Obama is out of there come November anyway!

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