California Legislature Seeks to Ban Change Therapy and Intrude on Rights of Parents

August 31, 2012

Late yesterday, the California legislature passed a bill that prohibits minors from receiving change therapy counseling regarding same-sex attractions. The bill, now headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, bans any counseling or therapy that seeks to reduce or eliminate same-sex attraction or guide children away from gender confusion.

If the bill is signed into law, Liberty Counsel will sue on behalf of counselors, parents, and minors who provide, refer, or who receive and have found change therapy to be beneficial.

The bill defines “sexual orientation change efforts” as any practice that is designed to reduce or eliminate same-sex attraction. Such broad language will prohibit any counseling that does not affirm and encourage experimentation with or acceptance of same-sex attractions, regardless of whether those feelings and attractions are unwanted by the counselee.

The implications of the government determining what counseling treatments are acceptable should concern every counselor and citizen. That decision should be left to the patient, the parents, and the doctors. The government has no place in that conversation.

By the way governor Brown, you can thank us here at TWAU BLOG for informing Liberty Counsel of your legislation. As I have stated before, with proper parenting people wouldn't have to worry about these types of issues. Proper parenting being raising kids by Biblical standards, teaching them Biblical morals. etc.

Lou Buren

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