Gun banning laws

The idea of banning guns, ammunition, or magazines sounds not only unconstitutional to me but ridiculous. I have said it time and again gun laws only unarm the good citizens. Criminals pay no attention to laws because they are CRIMINALS.

But even though liberals know this fact, they continue to push the anti-gun agenda. So it's clear to me that they don't want to disarm America because of crazies who run around shooting up places. They want to simply disarm America just because.

If the government ever did want to enslave or take over society, an unarmed population sure would help them out, no?

Now, I'm not saying that is their intent currently. But liberals sure are pushing it in that direction.

Let's take the tragedy that happened in Aurora Colorado. Let's say that gun laws banning guns were in full effect when that happened. And no one could carry a gun or own one. That incident still would have happened. Because I guarantee you that nut job would have got his equipment somewhere legal or not.

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