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What do you see in the above picture?
By just looking at the picture you would probably think this family is a nice good looking family. And that is probably a true assumption, but here is where the deception is: Where type of morals does this family hold? Well if his wife and kids follow his example and his idea's, sadly their morals are pretty wicked and sinful.

Obama advocates some pretty awful things, homosexuality for one. And abortions. Murder and sexual sin are nothing to play around with. So when Americans see images like this of The Obama's I hope you see the real picture.

Not to mention the horrible job he's done in office over the last 4 years. It's disheartening to see that some people will vote for this guy based on the amount of government freebies he's willing to hand out and the wicked things he's willing to support.

I firmly believe B. H. Obama will be kicked from the white house this year by some great Americans who have the courage to hit the polls hard with friends and family.

Join us this year in voting Obama out! And essentially telling him "YOU'R FIRED"!

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