The ongoing trial on prop 8/gay marriage

You can click the title link to read the blog from protectmarriage.com

First off, this trial shouldn't even be taking place. The people of California have already spoken. But the wicked are relentless in their quest to pass a perverse law that would allow every state to perform gay marriage's.

One of the key issues that will have an impact in this trial is that gay people claim to be born gay. And that it isn't a choice. But that is incorrect, people decide to become gay all the time, and many return to being straight or start calling themselves bi-sexual. The point is, they choose to do this.

You don't start changing laws to accommodate people's sexual choices. It's time for America to stand up and demand Gods laws be put back in effect in the government. And that the perverse laws that wicked people come up with be trashed.

Keep praying my friends, thats what will make a huge difference in this!

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