Just blame Bush!

It's bad enough that Obama is a wicked perverse atheist. But it's even worse that he tries to blame all his own flaws on George W. Bush. He needs to admit that things are not working out for him because of his own idiotic policies.

Just like when (R) Scott Brown won in the democrat state of massachusetts, Obama stated afterward that the people there are angry about the last 8 years. (Blaming Bush again)! Wow, you gotta' be kidding me! The people of massachusetts voted Brown in to stop Obama's healthcare take-over. They voted Brown in to stop the liberal wrecking machine known as Reid/Pelosi/Obama.

George W. Bush was in my opinion one of the greatest presidents we will ever have, Barack Obama will never amount to half the man Bush was. And it's time he stop blaming Bush for his own inexperience and ignorance.

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