Obama's 'safe schools' chief

Kevin Jennings, President Obama's "safe schools czar," is president of the board of the Tectonic Theater Project, which created "The Laramie Project," a play about the 1998 murder of University of Wyoming homosexual Matthew Shepard that condemns traditional biblical views on homosexuality as hateful and bigoted.

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People say Obama is a muslim, an atheist, a black panther member. Even the anti-christ. And he may be any one of those things. But all I can tell you is what he isn't, and that's a Christian. Obama and his wicked czar's have set out to destroy Christianity, to demonize it, to criminalize it! If people don't act now, he may accomplish that goal.

I'll tell you this much, if you have children I highly recommend you home-school them. It's a great way to educate your kids and at the same time filter out the wicked crap public schools force on them. (pro-homosexual teachings)(false religion of evolution).

If you would like info on affordable, quality, accredited home schooling send me an email to lionheart_209@yahoo.com

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