Maryland governor to sign same-sex marriage bill

TWAU BLOG: Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley will sign into law Thursday a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.
Apparently this governor needs prayer. Advocating a nasty perverse sin like homosexuality? Please join us in prayer friends that this governor will see the light and repent. For those of you who don't understand the homosexuality issue that's been going on, here are a few facts: People who live gay life-styles do so by choice. Homosexuality isn't about love, it's about the perverse sexual nature of that type of relationship. Years ago, homosexuality was listed in medical books/encyclopedias as a mental disorder. While a disorder is correct, I'de call it more of a spiritual disorder.

We here at TWAU BLOG don't hate people who live gay lives, far from it. We simply fear for their eternal salvation. So we'd like to see them saved, and you not deceived.

God is real, you need him! We all need him!

If you are living a gay lifestyle, God can save you too! He loves you, we love you and we're praying for you.

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