U.S. Hits Libya With Four Additional Missiles as Qaddafi Arms Nation

U.S. Steps Up Assault on Libya, Firing Four More Tomahawk Missiles at Air Defense Systems

The U.S. fired four additional Tomahawk missiles at Libya air defense systems Sunday, bringing the grand total to 124, a senior U.S. Defense official tells Fox News.

Each Tomahawk missile costs $600,000, according to the official, bringing the initial costs of the strikes to approximately $71 million.

"This is not a NATO mission," the defense official told Fox News. "Each contributing nation comes to the fight with its own 'caveats.'" Qatar is now sending fighter planes.


I am very shocked that Obama actually grew a pair and took action against the evil Qaddafi. Although I agree with this move by the white-house. Remember, that I still dislike Obama's policies and idea's.

I hope you will all join me in supporting governor Mike Huckabee for president in 2012. He will be running and we are confident he will win the nomination and defeat Obama.

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