Horrible customer service

I am pretty upset with DirecTV. Talk about bad customer service. These guys advertise for free installation on their advertisement. So my wife and I decide to give it a shot. Well apparently the lady I spoke to on the phone didn't take the order down correctly.

I ordered a package called TFC-Direct, which is a filipino package. This was to be in addition to my CHOICE package of American shows. Well, the tech guy shows up a few days later to install the dish etc.

No TFC-Direct was installed. My wife and I were quite upset, we still are. So I call DirecTV back and ask to have the TFC-Direct installed, they tell me "You will have to pay an additional $71.00 because your adding it on to your order". I explained to them that it was ordered originally with my original order, but it didn't get installed free with the original order.

They just kept saying we have no record of it. And basically we are ass out.
Where I come from, good customer service is about keeping the customer happy and making wrongs right again. DirecTV gets two big thumbs down on customer service.

Do you have a bad customer service story to share? If so leave it in a comment.
And feel free to contact DirecTV on our behalf and let them know what you think of their business practices. 1-877-508-9176

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