Addressing the issue of homosexuality


Let me respond to some of the claims people make about homosexuality. First claim being: "I was born this way, it's who I am"

There are many facts that disprove the idea of being born gay, The article you can read by clicking the title headline of this post gives a good take on it. Not to mention the thousands of people who fix their lives and go from living a gay life to a normal life.

My friends, I say to you that homosexuality isn't an identity. It's an activity.
People who have friends or family that live gay lifestyles tend to advocate homosexuality. My friends, If you really love these people, you wouldn't want to see them lose their inheritance to Heaven, would you?

We all have friends and families who do wrong, it does not mean we should advocate their wrong doings. The Bible is clear that living a homosexual life is a sin against God. A sin that will cost one their inheritance to God's kingdom.

When you are at work, or talking with friends and someone asks you about how you feel about homosexuality, what do you say? Many people say something along the lines of: "As long as they don't hit on me, hey whatever they wanna do".

I say to you, this is the wrong type of answer, and wrong way to think. Christ would not want you to advocate or condone such things. So when someone asks you about your feelings on the subject. Answer the way Jesus would want you to answer.

As far as people who live gay lives wanting gay marriages, this is a huge perversion of a God made institution. They claim they seek equal rights. When in actuality, they are seeking new rights... Because they have equal rights now. I can marry a woman and so can a gay man. I can't marry a man and neither can a gay man. We have equal rights.

But what they seek is illogical and perverse, because homosexuality is not an identity. It's only an activity. People choose to live gay lives. According to the Bible, that choice is a road to a damned destiny.

The words I speak are not me judging anyone, it's only telling people what God's Word, the Bible says about the topic. God has already passed judgement on the issue, and it's in the best interest of people to know it.

I am not perfect, far from it. I have issues to fix myself. And I pray for everyone out there who lives a gay life-style to repent and change course. Before it's too late.

Let me ask you this... What if people who molested children started coming out, saying they can't help who they are, that they were born that way... And they wanted equal rights!? Would you accept this? If you knew someone who did it, would you condone it? There is no difference in condoning homosexuality. Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong.

The only reason people who live gay life-styles claim they are born gay is to counter homosexual critics and their opposition to it. That's also why they made up the word homophobe. Modern dictionaries even print the word. It's all an attempt to stay in the dark with their sin. And to counter opposition. To dodge the light.

If you live a gay life, or know someone who does.... Please seek out Jesus. Repent and come to God. This is what I pray for you. Because I care for my fellow man.
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