Prop 8: Federal judge tosses California voters under bus

A federal judge in California who is reported to be living a homosexual lifestyle today tossed the state's voters under the bus, ruling that they cannot define in their own state constitution that marriage is between one man and one woman only.

The ruling was based on the constitutional provisions for due process and equal protection, and came from Judge Vaughn Walker.


So a judge who lives a homosexual lifestyle wants to crap all over the voters of California? This won't stand! I hope all of California, and all the other states for that matter. Will stand up and demand that the people's voice be upheld!

One gay judge isn't going to tell us what's constitutional and what isn't. Gods Word and his laws are what we go by in America! That's what is constitutional!

In the end (no pun intended) we will win this! Keep praying for marriage! That God will uphold his design, his law!

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