Furloughs back on for Friday (California)

Furloughs for state workers are back on for Friday. The state Supreme Court has just said that it will review a lower court ruling that kept Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from furloughing roughly 144,000 employees last week as he had planned.


Is this idiot governor for real? He only has a few months left in office, and he is still hammering the state workers?! This moron will most definately go down in history as thee worst governor in the history of California. For those of you who do not understand why the governor is still playing with the lives of the state workers, let me fill you in.

Arny, said from the very beginning that he doesn't like big unions. He has tried and tried to topple the unions. But no matter how hard he tries, the unins seem to defeat him at every angle. Especially the powerful CCPOA.

So he got this wild hair up his butt, and decided to start playing around with state workers paychecks, their very livelyhoods. Thinking that this was teaching unions a lesson. But he is so stupid, he doesn't even know that the unions are not even affected by furloughs.

Lets hope the supreme court makes things right, and orders the state to pay back monies for suffering and mental stress!

Join us here at TWAU, and support Jerry Brown for governor of California!

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