Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Protesters have been rallying outside Target Corp. or its stores almost daily since the retailer angered gay rights supporters and progressives by giving money to help a conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota. Liberal groups are pushing to make an example of the company, hoping its woes will deter other businesses from putting their corporate funds into elections.

A national gay rights group is negotiating with Target officials, demanding that the firm balance the scale by making comparable donations to benefit candidates it favors. Meanwhile, the controversy is threatening to complicate Target's business plans in other urban markets. Several city officials in San Francisco, one of the cities where Target hopes to expand, have begun criticizing the company.


It's not surprising to hear that gay rights groups, and liberals are trying to extort money from target to be donated to a pro-gay rights candidate. It's criminal if you ask me.

Please join me in prayer, that God will watch over Target, and have it's business rise above it's retail competitors. And that the anti-gay candidate they supported wins his office.

This wicked gay movement must be stopped. And put down for good. This web site supports the idea of a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as one woman and one man ONLY. (per the design and law of GOD).

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