Obama invites confusion about his faith

The recent poll by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life is generating much discussion over its provocative finding that an increasing number of Americans (nearly one in five) believe that President Obama is a Muslim. The survey was completed before Obama's recent comments endorsing the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero.

While this no doubt is a fascinating development, consuming most media coverage of the poll, and unprecedented in presidential history, the figure of greater interest to me — and not surprising — is the percentage of Americans unsure about whether Obama is a Christian, or, more generally, about his faith at all.


I have some more info on Obama being a muslim in some of my previous posts on this BLOG. I'm not going to say Obama isn't a Christian because only God knows that. But what I can say for sure, is that he is making decisions and taking actions that are contrary to those of a Christian.

He supports murder by means of abortion, sexual sin by way of homosexual life-styles.
These things are against Biblical teachings, so for him to tell everyone he is a Christian seems like an Oxymoron.

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