Update: More info on the wicked pro-death by abortion protesters

A new, “creepier” video of pro-abortion protesters in Texas chanting “Hail Satan” has emerged, squashing rumors it was a single woman’s song.

Abortion activists opposing the 20-week abortion ban bill in Austin, Texas, drew national attention earlier this week for chanting “Hail Satan” while pro-life advocates sang “Amazing Grace.

Yet only a single woman can actually be seen saying “Hail Satan” in the now infamous video.

An additional video of the event posted on a blog site run by Adam Cahm, however, reveals the chant taken up in unison by several voices, an effect Steven Ertelt of LifeNews.com called far “creepier.”

The first of the voices can be heard at about the 3:35 mark of the following video, a portion of the speech delivered by a pro-life advocate identified only as “Ashley.” By the 5:15 mark, however, the droning chant of several voices can be heard clearly:

These protesters are extremely lost souls. How sad it is to see them behave so wickedly. They are singing/chanting "Hail Satan" and whether they believe it or not they are actually serving him. And I find that very sad. Satan rejoices in unborn babies being killed. And how sad is it that people are aiding him in that task?!

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