Beast agenda

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In the book of Revelations of The Holy Bible it speaks of the mark of the beast 666. I personally believe this mark will be some type of chip that can be implanted under the skin. More and more you see this chip method being explored and quietly utilized. They seek to get people use to the idea slowly over time.

There has been talk of using it to store medical information. Or to track children. They already use this method to track pets/animals and merchandise. I doubt it will be forced upon anyone, but I do believe they will make it difficult to be a citizen if you don't accept this mark/chip. You will lose the ability to be employed.

You would lose the ability to buy or sell anything. To own a home or have a bank account. To obtain medical service. So even though they probably won't actually force you into wearing it, most people will want it. But that's the dangerous part. The Bible tells us that those who accept the mark of the beast will be sent to hell.

You can get a KJV Bible and look it up yourself. It explains it all. It's amazing to read it in Revelations then watch it unfold just as it says it will all over the world. Be warned my friends and be watchful...


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