Evil is moving into position

There is an evil vibe flowing through the air, through the hearts and minds of Christians. It's because we know the end times are here. Though many will scoff at the idea and walk about the earth completely blind to the facts the fact remains that the end times are now.

Evil spiritual forces are hard at work, trying to dumb down people of the world. Distracting them with irrelevant evil things. Trickery and sorcery are at work by Satan and the fallen angels that followed him. Pray for clarity and for your eyes to be opened. So you might see what we see. Those who keep a watchful eye see that forces are at work to move the anti-christ into position. Race baiting i.e. (Zimmerman/Martin trial) Constantly trying to bring people to a state of civil unrest. Trying to get people to start an uprising via the attack on the 2nd amendment. It's my opinion that Obama and his administration who are under a dark influence will most likely be successful in causing an uprising of the patriots.

This uprising or civil unrest will give Obama his excuse to declare martial law. Under such a declaration there can be no next election. And the beast will remain in power longer than he should. It's my opinion that if Obama stays in office for a period that exceeds his current presidency that it's a safe bet he most likely is the anti-christ.

There have been rumors that the Obamacare legislation states somewhere that the RF chip will be worn by participants. Participants will be everyone due to the individual mandate. It makes total sense because everyone will be required to take part in Obamacare aka Beastcare.

These things are likely to happen in my opinion. Trust me I hope they don't. But I feel in my heart that I'm pretty close to right on the money. The Holy Bible says the beast will be blasphemous. Take a look at the video footage below:

The world is becoming more wicked each day. The video above of Obama may seem harmless enough to you, but if you stand on Gods Word and his authority you know that sexual sin will keep one from entering God's kingdom. And you'll see the wrong doing in Obama's words. People's opinions do not matter. God's Word and his guidelines are what matter.

The book of Revelation says in the end times the world will be like the days of Noah. Only sinning continuously. Well if you look around you can easily see that is what's happening. God wiped out a sinful world in the days of Noah with a worldwide global flood. I pray that people open their eyes before the next global punishment is inflicted.

My friends, the end times are no longer just near. They are here. Please consider Jesus who is the one and only way to gain access to our Heavenly Father. May God bless you all.

Lou Buren

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