Question on homosexuality answered

Someone sent me an Email asking me to answer this question publicly. Is homosexuality and pedophilia affiliated in any way?

Well, let me first say this: I realise that many people have friends and family that live homosexual lives. And that is unfortunate. With that said, homosexuality has been around for quite sometime. It's even addressed in The Bible. Years ago, it was listed in medical education books as a mental illness. I personally see it as a spiritual illness brought on by pain, rejection, and confusion.

For a time it was looked down on, and those who indulged in the sin kept it very secret. Sadly, the wicked activity is now advocated by liberals and other lost people. The Bible tells us that in the end days that wickedness will grow increasingly. So the way things are going with the homosexual agenda proves the Bible true. Unless America wakes up and takes a stand on the issues, we can expect worse to come.

Homosexuality is an activity, not an identity. For one to come to grips with the truth they must first understand that. The Bible is clear in it's teachings that people who live homosexual lives will not inherit the Kingdom of God. So, if people have friends and family who live such a life and they love them. They would try and try to get them to repent of this sinful lifestyle.

I would rather take of chance of them being angry at me, then to stand idle while they travel down a path to hell. People's opinion on marriage and sex do not matter. Gods opinion and laws are everything. He owns us and set rules for us to live by. And like it or not, one day we will all stand before him and give an account to him for all things said and done.

Now, back to my answer to the above question: Yes, homosexuality and pedophilia are affiliated.
They are both sinful acts. And they both involve perverse abominable acts of sex. God only allows sex between one married man and one married woman. All other sex is sin.

You hear homosexuals saying they want equality and equal rights. They claim to have been born the way they are. Well, I tell you they are lying. What if pedophiles starting claiming they were born the way they are and that they want equal rights? What would you say to that?

It's the exact same thing. When people indulge in sexual sins like homosexuality it's a choice. they only claim to be born that way to counter opposition to their sinful ways.

As a Christian I do not hate people who live homosexual lives. I pray for their salvation. Because I'm concerned for them. Hate is not a Christian value. But neither is accepting sin to make the sinful happy or to feel better about their sin.

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