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The chief of the powerful Gun Owners of America organization says there is no doubt Barack Obama will impose gun controls if he wins re-election, even without constitutional authority.

“I can see him telling gun stores, ‘You can’t sell a gun over .380. You can’t sell rifles [that use large magazines] or I’m pulling your license,” GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt told WND today.

“Even without legal authority, or constitutional authority. That hasn’t stopped him on so many other issues,” he said.

His comments come just as several factors are influencing the possibility of more gun restrictions:

*A U.N. small-arms treaty that critics said could violate the Constitution’s Second Amendment was just turned back as opposition mounted in the U.S. Senate;

*The aftermath of the mass shooting in the Aurora, Colo., theater;

*A comment by a conservative on the Supreme Court bench that some gun restrictions are possible judicially.

A report from the National Rifle Association said the Conference on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty “has broken down and will not report a draft treaty to the member nations.”

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., gathered the signatures of 51 senators on a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton “opposing any treaty that infringes on our rights,” the report said.

“The proponents of the treaty have goals that are clearly at odds with the American Constitution. Their refusal to remove civilian arms from the treaty was one major issue that led to the breakdown in negotiations. The U.S. delegation made it clear that they could not move forward with the language as it had been drafted,” the report said.

Pratt told WND that it was the voice of the American public to members of the U.S. Senate, who would have to approve the treaty, that slowed the issue’s momentum.

“If you lose 34, you don’t get a treaty,” he said. “The 51 [signatures] were very convincing evidence [of American opposition].”

“Once again we have disappointed the one-worlders who are not going to get gun control” he said.

Pratt also noted the surging American interest in owning guns – background checks for gun purchases were up 41 percent in Colorado the week after James Holmes, 24, a suspect in the theater shooting, allegedly used multiple weapons to kill 12 people and an unborn child and wound 58.

Then a report from USA Today quoted Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia saying that new gun restrictions could be upheld by the Supreme Court.

“It will have to be decided in future cases,” he said.

“Obviously, the amendment does not apply to arms that cannot be hand-carried. It’s to keep and bear. So, it doesn’t apply to cannons. But I suppose there are handheld rocket launchers than can bring down airplanes that will have to be [looked at]. … It will have to be decided,” he said.

The Aurora suspect, was charged today with 24 counts of first-degree murder.

Pratt said future access to many weapons in the United States will depend directly on the November election.

“If the president would be re-elected, I can see him going much more illegally and unconstitutionally to impose his will,” he said.


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: If you think Obama has inflicted hell on our nation so far, just imagine what he would do if he didn't have to worry about re-election.

Liberal democrats have a distorted way of thinking when it comes to guns and gun laws. When something happens like the Aurora shooting, it's good citizens that carry guns that can intervene and stop guys like that. I'm a peace officer who carry's. If I were in that movie theatre I would have taken that guy out.

Liberals who constantly cry (stiff gun laws) need to understand that when you pass gun laws it does nothing to stop crazy people and criminals from having guns. All gun laws do are unarm the good citizens and leave them as sitting ducks.

But then again maybe that's what the liberals want. They don't want citizens to be able to defend themselves from nut-jobs or from a radical government.

I can see Obama issuing some absurd executive orders concerning guns if he gets another four years in office. And we already know that most courts will side with him right or wrong.

This election is for all the marbles guys. I suggest you get to the polls in November and take as many people as you can to vote for Romney. Everything is at stake. You have wicked groups like ACORN/ACLU etc out there grabbing fraudulent votes for Obama as we speak. We need a huge turn out at the polls to counter all that.

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