Ron Paul Hot Air Balloon Taken Down After SCHP Request

Balloon Causes Traffic Slowdown On SC Interstate

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. -- It's deflated now, but a Ron Paul hot air balloon along the side of Interstate 85 caused traffic to slow down Thursday morning.

The balloon could be seen from a South Carolina Department Of Transportation camera.

DOT officials say the balloon had Ron Paul's name on it.

People looking at the balloon slowed down around Pelham Road in Greenville County causing a four-mile backup at one point.

SC Department of Public Safety spokesman Sid Gaulden told News 4 that the South Carolina Highway Patrol asked the operator of the hot air balloon, Remus Toppeta of Greer, to take it down because it was causing a hazard.

Gaudlin said SCHP gave Toppeta a written warning for improper lane use because the balloon was set up in the middle of the frontage road.


Personally, I get a little sick of publicity stunts like this. I mean, they don't work. And cause you to look silly. And we all know Ron Paul isn't ever going to win anything. He always trails in every race he's in. And he's too dumb to figure out he should drop out of the race. So he'll keep sending balloons and blimps up in the air, that say (Google Ron Paul). And his army of internet trolls will keep googling Ron Paul.lol

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