Newt Participates in New Hampshire MSNBC/Facebook Debate

I agree with Gingrich, I believe Obama will lose by a landslide. Not because Americans like his opponent. But because they can't stand him! And the American people realise Obama is destroying our nation. People are not stupid. Even liberals dislike Obama now, so he will lose by a landslide.

Of course he'll have the black and hispanic vote, simply because he isn't white. But most of the people who voted for him in 2008, will not be voting for him again. He lied to everyone. Didn't keep any of his promises. 2012 MUST BE AN ANYBODY BUT OBAMA VOTE!

Usurper Obama is trying to take baby steps into becoming a dictator. Well, that's over! It's time for him to be dismissed from office. WE THE PEOPLE WILL DISMISS HIM IN 2012.

Although, I don't agree with all of Newt's idea's. He is still better than Obama. PeeWee Herman would be better in office than Obama is.

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