Police clash with Oakland rioters, 100 held

OAKLAND (Reuters) - Riot police arrested more than 100 anti-Wall Street protesters during a series of clashes in the streets of Oakland on Saturday that saw officers in riot gear firing tear gas at activists who tried to take over a shuttered convention center.

(Ok, you can stop calling them anti-wall street any time) These idiots haven't a clue as to what wall street is. These are young punk, uneducated, food stamp spending, felony holding, gang member losers are idiots. Nothing more. They seek attention, and a reason to go out and raise hell. To vandalize and to steal.

Did you notice while it was cold, they stayed out of the media, now that it's warming up the morons are back. You can read some of our previous postings on these dorks By looking in our archives.

The mainstream media seems to not want to tell the truth in that these criminals are no good. And they are mainly Obama supporters.

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