What is homosexuality?

I found this article(Click Here) on homosexuality. Well according to the article it says homosexuality was once taboo. Well that's an understatement. Homosexuality originally was listed as a mental disorder. It was looked down on by many. Click here for a related file. Back in 1968 homosexuality was listed in the DSM as a mental disorder, but with the population becoming so sinful and their morals declining they have pressured the experts to remove any mention of homosexuality being a disorder. It's kind of disturbing to think that a culture will overturn the definition of a disorder to adjust it to their declined moral gauge.

Of course even though homosexuality was listed in the official medical book of mental disorders, there is another book that still says it's wrong. A book that still calls it perverse and an abomination. The Holy Bible. The Bible also states that those who live such a lifestyle will lose their chance at salvation. So when Christians tell those who live gay lifestyles they will not get into Heaven in this state, they are not judging homosexuals. They are simply telling them what Gods Word already says about homosexuality. That particular sins judgement has already been set in place.

It truly is a downward spiral of our morals. I attribute most of it to failed parenting. The Bible tells us as parents to train a child up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. Training a child up in the way they should go means to teach kids Gods laws and to abide by them. Sexual perversion and lust also play a part in the downward spiral of our morals. Years ago, homosexuality/lesbianism were shameful things. People kept in secret when they committed this sin. Now if one should condemn it, they are called intolerant and a homophobe. I have said before that homosexuality/bestiality/pedophilia all go hand in hand as far as sexual sin go. They are all perverse and unnatural. Even now the pedophiles are screaming for their equality . They are claiming they were born this way, and they are a people group who deserves equality too. Years ago, the homosexuals were in the same boat as them. Think it's far fetched to think eventually society will become perverted enough to start accepting pedophilia? Think again!

Let me lay this on you. And let this really sink in. It's an important fact you should consider: Homosexuality is an activity, not an identity.

Now many people think Christians hate people who live homosexual lives. Well, as a Christian I can tell you that is false. We are concerned for their salvation. We want to uphold Gods morals and laws. And we don't want our laws changed to accommodate sin. Many people now-a-days have friends and family that live gay lifestyles. I'll agree it may be hard to tell a son or daughter that you don't accept their decision to live a gay life. We love our children and want them to keep loving us. However, if you really love your friend or family member you would look at the big picture. Their salvation. The Holy Bible tells us that homosexuals will not inherit Gods Kingdom, well if someone isn't going to Heaven that leaves one other place.

I have family members who are criminals but I don't advocate crime. So because you may know a friend or loved one who lives a gay life doesn't mean you must advocate sexual sin. People are not born gay. Being gay is a choice. And according to Gods Word, it's a wrong choice. And as a Christian let me say once again that we love all people. Even those who have lost their way or may not have ever been shown the right path. Thank you for reading.


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