Google Glass

The new Google glass product that is set to come out sooner or later has really got people scared or nervous or something. You have people trying to pass laws banning them before they are even out. You have some people threatening to hurt people if they see them wearing them. It's really kind of crazy. And I'm not sure what the fuss is really all about. If being recorded is the big issue then your a little too late guys. Sunglasses with hidden camera's have been available to purchase for a while now. At least with the Google glass you have an advantage by knowing the device can record.

So before you go attacking people you see wearing a Google Glass device consider the facts and the consequences. I myself am looking forward to purchasing a Google Glass. It's really no different than a cell phone that you can wear on your face. So I say to the privacy groups/ aka/ scared folks, take a chill pill.

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