Obama is getting desperate

As I have predicted in earlier postings I believe Obama will lose the election by a landslide this year. His actions as of late show he is getting very desperate. Pandering to all the small whacko groups out there. All the promises to the minority groups.

Recently he came out and declared he supported and advocated the perverse sin of homosexuality and same sex marriages. And then made an executive order granting young illegal immigrants 2 year work permits. All of these things Obama is doing are going to be for nothing. And President Romney will cancel all of it.

So once again I'm going on record saying Obama will indeed lose the 2012 election by a huge margin. Watch for Obama to pander to the sinful and to illegal's more in the upcoming months. Like I said, he is desperate at this point. Giving away the house is all he's got now.

It won't help him though. Most of America knows that he has spent us into oblivion by spending money we don't have, placing our children and their children in debt they may never recover from. He has advocated sin and perverse items via legislation. It's not hard to see that Obama must go. If we are to salvage and put America back on track, he must go!

Lou Buren

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Anonymous said...

He is getting desperate. and I for one cant wait until his dumb azz is gone.

I am a long time reader of your web site, and I love that ur a christian who doesnt sugar coat anything. You tell it like it is. Thank you!!!!!!!