Giles County School Board Modifies Roots of Democracy Display

June 1 2012

Late yesterday afternoon, the Giles County School Board voted unanimously to accept a modification to the Narrows High School’s Foundations of American Law and Government display, put forth by the private creator of the original display. The new document replaces the Ten Commandments with a page from a Prentice-Hall textbook on American history, which is used in Virginia public schools. The page depicts the “Roots of Democracy” and begins with the Ten Commandments stone tablets. The books states, “The values found in the Bible including the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus inspired American ideas about government and morality.” From this origin the page from the secular textbook traces the roots of democracy through the Magna Carta to the Enlightenment and up to the present time.

A display on the foundations of American law and government would be incomplete and inaccurate without the Ten Commandments. Any student of history knows this basic truth.

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