A few items of interest

Here it is May 23rd and we are all still here. The false prophet Harold Camping was incorrect for his 2nd prediction on the rapture. Sadly many were deceived by this loony guy. He tried to calculate the date of judgement based on a false religion called numerology. The Bible teaches something contrary to what Camping was saying.

On the political front, governor Mike Huckabee disappointed thousands of followers when he stated he would NOT be running for president in 2012. At this point TWAU is not quite sure who it will back in the 2012 race.

The supreme court rules that California prisons must find a way to release more inmates for constitutional reasons. We find this to be strange given that California inmates are some of the most spoiled/pampered inmates in the nation.

On a more fun note: The movie THOR recently was released in movie theatre across America. I went to see it. And loved it. I highly recommend it for the family.

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Anonymous said...

Harold camping is a joke! but guess the joke was on whoever was dumb enough to send him their life-savings lol