(California) Senate approves six state worker labor contracts

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For some reason the republican party and the media have waged war against state workers in many states. And are out to bring down big unions. We believe they are simply seeking something to blame for money problems. What they need to understand is that unions are essential for state workers to get a fair shake with their work conditions.

Many private sector workers are extremely jealous of state workers pay, so they often verbally bash them. But hey, they could have been a state worker to if they would have just finished school, and decided to do something with their life. Instead most private sector workers in California choose to either become incarcerated or advocate the evil path an inmate family member has went down.

Governor Brown gave the CCPOA an ok contract considering the states money woes. But the CCPOA gave up a lot. But we urge you the readers regardless of your political party to support state workers. Who typically are Law enforcement officers and Fire fighters.

We find it interesting and disgusting how the SacBee likes to make it seem the CCPOA's contract is some what of a sweethearts deal. We see a lot of bias in the SacBee's writing. But what do you expect from an organization that is so liberal and wicked it supports inmate rights?

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