Arnold Schwarzenegger, worst governor in the history of California!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will go down in history as thee worst governor California has ever seen. A big part of that is because of his mismanagement of state funds. Making cuts where he shouldn't be.

It's safe to say his political career is over, with the only thing on his resume being (sinking California). His corrupt and illegal tactics in dealing with state bargaining units (unions) is another reason the state is in such a bad way.

When he enacts illegal paycuts to state workers, they sue and win. Then the state has to pay more for damages. Not too smart Arny! Let's just hope Jerry Brown takes the governors chair next and restores some sanity to California.

I doubt Schwarzenegger has any college behind him, heck I doubt he even has a high school diploma. What were the Californians thinking electing this goof? No political experience whatsoever, and they elect him??

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Anonymous said...

He is DEFINITELY the WORST governor ever!
I do not know what others were thinking when they elected him, he has done absolutely NOTHING to better California.