Officer to Army: Bring it on!

A decorated Army surgeon who is refusing to follow orders because of the president's decision to conceal documents that could show his eligibility to be commander in chief is telling the military to bring it on – by missing a deployment due date yesterday at Fort Campbell, Ky.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is facing imminent court-martial charges in the wake of the Army's demand he report for a Middle East deployment, and his decision to refuse orders until there are answers to questions about President Obama's eligibility.


I think this officer is setting a good example to others by doing this. Every member of the U.S. armed forces should be doing this, maybe that would get the attention of officials, and force Obama to show that he doesn't have a birth certificate and that he isn't an American. And not qualified to be president.

I encourage more officers in the armed forces to do the exact same thing. Perhaps we can get the truth before Obama is voted out on his ass in 2012.

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