CBS4 Investigates: Mental Mayhem « CBS Miami

CBS4 Investigates: Mental Mayhem « CBS Miami

The mental mayhem we see today is a combination of demonic influence and drugs. And probably not the drugs your thinking... I'm talking about prescription drugs, ones designed for social control. Anti-depressants are a huge problem in America. You go to the doctor and tell him you feel a little down lately and your walking out of their office with a life-time prescription of anti-depressants. That should not be happening. On top of that there is a new dangerous drug being given out called Ambien. It's being touted as a sleep aid. But it's actually a powerful hallucinogen.

Wake up people!  Stop thinking doctors are always right. Because when it comes to this, they couldn't be more wrong. The above mentioned drugs are very dangerous and even worse when combined.  Seek out a Christian doctor who can ween you off these drugs slowly.

Lou <><

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