Ted Cruz and the fight against ObamaCare

First off I'd like to say thank you to Mr. Ted Cruz for standing against ObamaCare. He is a true American patriot. I ask that our readers continue to pray for Mr. Cruz and the defeat of ObamaCare.

Obama is a great divider, he first tried to divide Americans by class warfare, pitting the poor and middle class against the rich. Then shortly after the Trayvon Martin shooting he tried to race-bait and put people groups at odds with one another.

The Bible says that a nation divided cannot stand. So the devil knows that if someone or something succeeds in dividing Americans our nation will not be able to stand. It also doesn't help that our nation is increasingly being filled up with non Americans. This has a negative effect on our culture and beliefs.

What is happening is our country is being infiltrated by illegal aliens, and so many other people groups from outside the USA, that it is changing the nation into something terrible. How can you hold on to the idea's and Biblical standards of our founding fathers when so many now in the United States don't share those values?

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of where our nation is going. The direction it's headed in is bad. So many wicked people now. So many have turned from God. So much sin all around. It really is sad. But I ask our readers to continue to pray.


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