Chaos in the streets coming soon?

Some people are predicting that we may have chaos in the streets soon. You have the liberal media building up stories on supposed solar flare storms that are supposedly able to shut down power grids etc. Now I'm not saying that a massive power grid shut down won't happen. I'm just saying that it won't be solar flares that cause it. The evil forces that be will cause the power shut down and blame it on the solar activity.

From day 1, since I heard Obama's name I thought there was something strange going on. Something unlikely and unnatural. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I am asserting that Obama is indeed the anti-christ. I hope with all that is in me that I am wrong. But let me explain to you why I think I'm right.

"barach o bama" means lightening from above in Hebrew.

Luke 10:18 Jesus said unto them, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

The Bible also says in Revelations that a third of the sun shall not give it's light in the end days. And a third of the earth's fish will die. Have you seen the news recently? Many birds and fish are dying and it's unexplained. Here is a recent photo of the sun from Nasa: It appears that a third of it isn't giving off it's light.

If you look at recent news, Christians are being slaughtered in other countries. The Bible says this will happen in end times. The huge push for Sexual sin that has been happening as of late. All things to defy God. And it's quickly looking like the days of Noah, where all sin continuously. Ok,  so what if we all of a sudden have a massive power outage? What would that mean? Chaos in the streets, looting, wide-spread evil. Obama would certainly stay in power and of course declare martial law.

Like I said earlier, I hope I am way wrong about this. But if your a Christian who takes the Bible at face value for what it says like I do. Then it simply makes too much sense to think I'm right. It's unfolding in front of many blind eyes. I can only hope that people wake up and see what's going on.


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