Police track leads after Utah girl allegedly comes face-to-face with home intruder

Utah police are tracking leads after an 11-year-old Salt Lake City girl allegedly came face-to-face with an gunman when she walked into her kitchen to get a snack while home alone Friday.

The girl said she saw an armed, dark-skinned man in her kitchen, who apparently came through the back door of her home, which was open, Fox 13 Now reports.

When the girl attempted to reach her cell phone to alert police, the intruder allegedly stuck his gun in her face and told her not to make the call.

The girl then bolted out of the front door of her home, police told Fox 13 Now, and ran into a neighbor’s house to call 911.

The suspect -- who the girl described as around 6-feet tall with braided hair and wearing dark sunglasses -- evaded police before they arrived at the home.


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: Thank God the girl was not harmed. Not safe these days to leave back doors open. I don't care where ya live.

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