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Obama is politicizing another shooting incident.

Every time we have a shooting happen Obama is quick to push gun control.

 Before the victims bodies are even cold, this piece of crap usurper is claiming we need tougher gun control laws to prevent things like this from happening.

 Well, Obama is a damn idiot and I'll tell you why. Every shooting that we have had, where innocent people were killed by a nut-job has happened in a so called gun free zone. So, you see how well the anti-gun laws work ? THEY DON'T!

Liberals have a big problem with our 2nd amendment. They don't want citizens armed. You can't enslave or bully a nation of armed citizens. So they want everyone unarmed, period. If you look at statistics they will show you places that have gun restriction laws have the highest crime rates and shooting incidents. That's because nut jobs on multi-medications don't want to face anyone who is armed, they want victims who are all helpless.

If you look at statistics for places where guns are all over the place, like open carry states etc. Crime is very low. Guns are not the problem. Guns are tools, just like any inanimate object it can be used for good or evil. So evil people are the problem and liberals have an issue identifying evil.

So, how can liberals be so stupid that they don't see that gun laws don't stop evil people from killing?
Well, let me tell you something, many good people out there who identify as liberals are just uninformed and don't see the big correct picture. But the liberals who work in Washington and make laws etc. They aren't so ignorant. They know that gun laws do nothing except disarm the good citizens, but that is their agenda. They don't care about mass shootings or deaths.

Their agenda is about disarming everyone and having a population with no guns and no self defense. A population that is unarmed is easy to control and to dominate. Which is why our 2nd amendment rights must be defended forever. And defended aggressively.

Lou Buren <><


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Mike Huckabee praises Ky. county clerk Kim Davis

2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee thanking Ky county clerk Kim Davis.
We want Kim Davis to know that  we here at TWAU stand behind her and will support her with prayer. Thank you Kim! The SCOTUS cannot make or change laws! They don't have that authority.


Is there a reason to celebrate the 4th of July anymore?

Over 200 years ago we shook off the chains of tyranny, and started our own nation. One of the main things we escaped from was judicial tyranny. We celebrate the 4th of July as independence day. In celebration of breaking free of that tyranny. But is there a reason to celebrate it anymore? It seems our court system is becoming like those we suffered with 200 years ago, the SCOTUS recently attempted to make a law. Which it clearly has no constitutional authority to do. We need a powerful president in office like Mike Huckabee who will right the many wrongs Obama and his SCOTUS have inflicted on our nation.

I stand with governor Huckabee, soon to be president Huckabee. But more importantly I stand with GOD.